Aug 31, 2010

Sweet Potato Whoopie Pies with Maple Marshmallow Creme

Fluffy sweet potato whoopie cakes sandwich light and airy maple creme, hitting all the right notes and then some.

The first weekend after the start of school is always a nice breather. Saturday, my sister came for a visit. We took my new camera, went to a gorgeous local park and took some head shots for an audition she has coming up. [Since I've gotten my camera, I've only photographed food, but want to diversify my areas of photography.] My sister is incredibly photogenic and I got some good shots, but I'm definitely seeing areas that I must get better at. Speaking of auditions, I just had one myself. I auditioned for the Waco Civic Theatre's production of Noises Off!. As of this posting, no casting decisions have been made but, I've been invited to attend callbacks tonight. I'll update in a later post...hopefully with good news.

As August concludes, I can't contain my excitement for the Fall. I know I've mentioned my love for the Fall in probably 50% of my posts, but it's my favorite Texas season. [I'm sure if my part of Texas actually had Winters like the ones you see in Norman Rockwell paintings Winter would win, but they're usually just slushy.] The changing weather, the rustic colors and flavors, the approaching holidays, life just becomes more pleasant when Fall's arrives. I'm a Fall fanatic.

Sweet potatoes are a comfort food for me and trump the other potato varieties. They're so versatile, but are completely underused. It saddens me that the best they're known for is being mashed and topped with melted marshmallows. Well, my friends, that might just stand to change. I found Sprinkle Bakes while blog surfing and was instantly sucked in by the latest recipe featured: Sweet Potato Whoopie Pies with Maple Marshmallow Creme. It may still be reaching high 90s outside, but I didn't care, the stunning pictures had me salivating - these creme-filled cakes headed straight to the front line.

I saw a special years back on a food channel that profiled a shop in the northeast that made and sold tons of whoopie pie varieties, but I hadn't tried one. Well, I suppose I could come close with those little chocolate rounds Little Debbie makes. [That makes mention three for Little Debbie on my blog.] They're way smaller, but essentially the same idea - a fluffy creme sandwiched between two equally fluffy cake rounds. In short, this is one serious dessert mama jama. The sweet potato and maple combo is truly divine, and I usually only reserve that descriptor for the Almighty. If you enjoy fall flavors even in the slightest, this is one dessert you must make. Be sure to see the original author's suggestions and a few of my own. Unsure of how the batter would rise in the oven, I made each cake too large. The hefty size of my whoopie pies made them nearly a meal in itself. FYI, the batter really only puffs up and doesn't really spread. So, pipe the width that you prefer and expect them to rise a little.

All us Fall lovers, let's band together and give the sweet potato a recipe it can be proud of.

Sweet Potato Whoopie Pies with Maple Marshmallow Creme

<p>Heather @ Sprinkle Bakes recommends using fresh sweet potatoes as opposed to canned. I concur. Bake two sweet potatoes at 375 F. for 45 minutes. Peel and mash.</p> <p>In attempt to cut calories and sugar, I replaced the 3/4 c. sugar with Smart ...

See Sweet Potato Whoopie Pies with Maple Marshmallow Creme on Key Ingredient.

For some time, I have been looking for an embeddable tool I could use to present the recipes for several reasons. One, the bulleted and numbered lists on Blogger are boring and I can't ever seem to get them to look how I want. Two, they are not conducive to printing - and what good is an online recipe if you can't print it. Heather @ Sprinkle Bakes also had a solution. This tool can be found at Key Ingredient.

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  1. I can't wait to start baking with fall produce! Your whoopie pies look great; I'm going to making some!