About Me

Admittedly, a food blog is a new and questionable venture for me, and one that I'm probably not best equipped for at this time. I'm a law student living in a small apartment with a kitchen that probably has less counter space than a standard size home-office desk. I'm also the proud owner of 4 bowls, 4 plates, a casserole dish, a few stove and baking pans, a miniature crock pot, a hand-held mixer, and a basic assortment of cooking utensils. Still, I've always been a food fanatic who can't say no to trying something new - an enthusiastic attitude that backfires from time to time. I find rejuvenation in creating something fantastic from a set of ingredients, and tend to always find a way to put my own spin on a recipe.

Life as a law student is every bit as hectic as you may hear. Personally, it's not my flavor, but I've come too far to turn back. Plus, its hard knocks are making me a better person. It's taught me perseverance and determination, and given me a bolder sense of confidence along with a healthy ego boost. So, despite my lack of enthusiasm for the subject, its still very much a part of me, which is why I couldn't help but to infuse my blog with a legal theme. Don't worry, you don't have to fear an uncontrolled amount of clever legal puns, I'll keep it limited to the title and possibly a few other thematic developments that may come about as I progress with this.

Still, the title says it all. I want to put my Tastes on Trial, to try new foods and share what I discover.
[Update - I moved at the beginning of August 2010 into a house with a few friends, and no longer am limited by a small, economy-sized apartment kitchen. My friends' home comes equipped with a nice sized kitchen, plenty of workspace and cooking "gadgetry" for me to use. Things are going to get serious.]