Jul 28, 2010

Phew [wipes forehead with back of hand].

I'm going to state the obvious, but moving sucks. I've spent the past week packing up my one-bedroom apartment and moving into a spare room at friends' house. Most of my belongings went into storage, and I've still got to sort through the items I brought with me to my new residence, but I was amazed at how much junk I've collected over the past year and half - I certainly didn't bring it all with me when I moved from Dallas to Waco.

Nevertheless, I'm worn out. After seven consecutive days of packing boxes, thoroughly cleaning my apartment, painting and touching up the walls, moving furniture, losing my storage keys, getting new storage keys, and making trips back and forth between said apartment, storage and new house in the rain I am looking forward to the remainder of my break from school. This same time last year I was so financially destitute that I spent practically every day of my break working at a local restaurant, but with finances managed now, I am ready to enjoy my remaining four weeks off. I've got books to read - the last third of Atlas Shrugged has been starring at me for over a year now and a script idea that I would like to develop. I also intend to spend some additional time exercising, start some preliminary job research, and work on my English accent - I am auditioning for the Waco Civic Theatre's production of Noises Off! [one of the funniest plays I've seen] in August. So, there's stuff to do.

On top of that, I intend to spend a little time in the kitchen. I get my next Daring Baker's Challenge in a few days. Although this month has been my first as a Daring Baker (see Swiss Cake Ice Cream Fudge Bombe), I've noticed the past three months have included chocolate as a main ingredient. I've got no problem with this, but I'm guessing the August Challenge will likely go in a different direction - check back on August 27th for the results. Since I am trying to maximize my exercise efforts and get into great shape, I'm cutting down on baking. I have decided that the monthly Daring Baker's Challenge is the one dessert I won't hold back on, though - got to have some fun, right?

Lastly, as I've mentioned before, I am looking at a couple different cameras and hope to purchase one by the end of August. I can promise from there that this blog will contain not only more pictures, but pictures that are attractive. It's my goal to get one of my pictures on Food Porn Daily before the end of the year - not sure how lofty this is, but I'm a rather novice photographer.

Headed to Irving tomorrow to spend some time with my family - and taste test this month's Daring Baker's Challenge. I'm also forcing them to see Inception. I've seen it, but it was so good that I feel I have to share it with them and see it again, for my own selfish reason. But, for now, I'll sign off and return to my evening with the Food Channel. Yes, since I've finished moving today I've sat on the couch and watched every bit of programming that has come on this channel from Paula Deen to Cake Challenge to Food Star - its all so addicting.


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