Jun 12, 2010

Tilapia tacos in a hurry.

Quick note: Recipes are the base of a food blog, but I'm learning that personality and story are what make it come alive. Bear with me as I try to find the right balance of both. I know you don't want to read about how I mix this or add that. The personality will develop. For now, I am trying to make posting a routine activity and also looking forward to the day I get a camera that will take a decent picture. That day will come!

Onto the recipe for today...

Innovation may be lacking from the recipe today, but efficiency and taste sure aren't. Tex-Mex has to be one of my favorite food types. The flavors work so well together, the ingredients are affordable, and meals can usually be made in a quickly...the perfect formula for a busy student who still likes to enjoy his meals.

No class today, so I took a lazy Friday. I slept late, put in my exercise time, and spent the day designing graphics for this blog and developing the theme before getting together with some friends. This endeavor is still green, but its lighting a fire in me. I've immersed myself in this these past few days and have really enjoyed learning the science behind operating a blog, but I'll save that for a future post.

I had to make dinner a quick project tonight, but didn't want to sacrifice the three things I shoot for in each meal - a protein, simple carb and healthy fat (despite my proclivities towards dessert, I'm otherwise a health guy). I also tend to be an impulsive cooker, meaning, I don't really plan my meals. So, I opened my freezer, saw tilapia and thought fish tacos! 

I'm a sucker for a good tortilla. It's such a simple food item, but a fresh-made, warm tortilla is comfort food for me - even plain. I'm also a tortilla snob. Let's be clear that Mission tortillas are not tortillas. They are flour cardboard and, in my opinion, have the potential to destroy the meal. Luckily, my local grocery makes delicious fresh tortillas that rival some restaurant-style tortillas. I keep a constant supply.

The tacos hit the spot and I wrapped the day with some friends. I'm headed to Houston tomorrow to see some family and take care of some other business. I'm likely to have something to write about as they never fail to have fantastic food.

Tilapia Ranch Tacos

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  1. aunt maryJune 24, 2010

    I am going to try those talapia tacos before I go on trial!! Justice will be served on a tortilla!! :) Aunt MAry and Grandma C and Mom